Dear patients we hope you find the following information and links helpful in answering some of your frequently asked questions:

The Covid vaccination programme continues to go well. As we receive supplies of vaccine we are inviting people and administering it. For the last couple of weeks we have been receiving the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine and each practice has been operating independently to vaccinate their patients. All over 80s will have been offered at least one dose, likewise the vast majority of older adults in care homes (as well as their staff). We have been working through the 75-79yr olds and will soon be in a position to begin vaccinating our 70-74yr olds and the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (previously known as shielding patients). It’s really important that people remain patient and wait for us to contact them. We are vaccinating in priority cohort order. People will receive an invitation when we reach ‘their group’.

There are some really important messages that we would like to give.

The first is to continue to follow the rules and guidance. Even if you have received your Covid vaccination you need to follow the ‘Hands, Face, Space’ guidance. Those who have only received one dose yet need to understand that we believe full protection is only achieved following your second dose. Even if you have had 2 doses we don’t know if there may be people who have not gained immunity and we also don’t know if you still might be able to carry and transmit the virus to others. Please continue to be cautious and ‘act as though you have the virus’ in order to protect others.

The second is around those with allergies and lots of people are concerned about this. Anaphylaxis UK have a great FAQ on their website. People who have had previous anaphylaxis to any of the constituent parts of either vaccine should not receive that particular vaccine. Those who have had anaphylaxis to more than one drug or to an unknown allergen should not receive the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. If you have anaphylaxis following your first dose, you should not receive a second dose of the same vaccine. If you develop a localised allergic skin rash following your first dose, you can have a second, but this should be in a hospital setting.

NHS Cheshire CCG also has a wealth of information on their dedicated web page.

Many thanks for all your ongoing help to spread helpful messages to the people of Winsford. We (the Doctors) believe that the vaccination programme presents our best opportunity to get this pandemic under control and are grateful to the people of Winsford for being patient and engaging with us when we put on our vaccination clinics. We have had many expressions of thanks from patients and this means a lot. We continue to be grateful to all the volunteers who have helped us with our vaccination clinics so far – fantastic to see the community coming together in such a positive way.