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This Organ Donation Week we’re encouraging families to get together and talk about organ donation

Although the law around organ donation has changed to an opt-out system for adults in England, Wales and Scotland, your family will still be consulted if organ donation is a possibility.

Your family can overturn your decision if they aren’t sure what you want, but 9 in 10 families support organ donation going ahead when they know that’s what their loved ones had wanted.

We’re encouraging everyone in the family – no matter what age – to start talking about organ donation. Even if you’re not sure if you want to donate, having that conversation might help you make up your mind.

Find out more about Organ Donation at Organdonation.nhs.uk 

Organ Donation Week

This week is organ donation week and this years campaign is aimed at encouraging people to share their organ donation decision with their families.

Many people don’t realise that family support is needed for organ donations to go ahead. Have you ever talked about organ donation with your family? If not, chat to them about it during organ donation week! It makes a difficult situation easier when families have already had a conversation about organ donation.

You can also register to become an organ donor at the organ donation website.